Who are we..?

Since its inception in 2022, Ovid has carved a niche for itself as a successful bath faucets manufacturer in India. We Started with bib cock which has been bestowed upon praise for its outstanding quality and long lasting durablity. Since then we have envisioned, strengthened and modernized ourself in latest R & D, Technology and expand our infrastructure to manufacture high quality faucets for both kitchen and bathroom with style and elegance to cater the need of customer to every stretch of India. The company is young, full of passion, and clearly understand the significance of water-efficient components for environment protection.Ovid is committed to bring quality, style, efficiency, design and durablity to kitchen and bathroom faucets in almost every span of India.

  • Built on the Highest Quality Standard
  • Relentless search for Technological Innovation
  • Comprehensive Customer Service Under one Roof
  • Make in India

Mastering Excellence

We OFFER best of best service

  • Finest Quality Cartridge
  • Long Lasting Smart Finish
  • Brass Plates
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic testing